Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fat lip, floods, & food

Last night Cooper was standing in front of our entertainment center & fell. John thought he just hit his shoulder, but then I noticed blood on John's shirt. I think Cooper must have bitten his lip or something, but he recovered quickly. He has a bit of a fat lip today, but I probably wouldn't even notice it if I wasn't looking for it. His injury has not deterred him - he continues to pull himself up on the entertainment center to chew on dvds.
I watched the news last night (never a good thing) & it's so awful to see all that flooding; they said the Red Cross is helping, but is out of money. I'd really like to donate, but I don't know that we can fit that in our budget now, so John & I were thinking of volunteering somehow, but I don't know if that will work either. I just feel like we should do something because there are so many people who lost so much. They were also saying that food prices are going to go even higher now because of all the crops damaged. Even meat because all the cattle eat corn products. So we went to Sam's Club & stocked up & we're finally using the freezer we have in the basement.
I've been watching Weeds the last couple days. Adam gave me the Season I & II dvds as a replacement birthday gift (my original birthday gift was a massage gift certificate, but the place went bankrupt!). Anyway, I'm almost through the first season already (one of the benefits of having a son who loves to marathon nurse) & I love it! Everyone should check it out; it's a great show.
Tomorrow we're going to the Shedd Aquarium (free admission this week!) with moms & babies from our nursing group. Cooper loves to watch the fish & stuff at the zoo so I think he'll really like it!

Here's my little monster demonstrating his latest trick:
Feeding himself grapes (he's still not totally sure about it!)

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Kathleen said...

He looks so proud of himself standing in his seat. He has that "I'm so cool" look perfected. I think he is too!