Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend fun & trouble

Cooper loving the swings (at the park on Saturday).

I took this picture on Sunday. John & Adam wanted to go to the driving range, so me & Cooper tagged along to watch. Cooper enjoyed just hanging out outside & took a nice nap in the car afterwards.

This is also from Sunday. Cooper is working on new skills. He managed to stand up on his rocker toy & then pulled his left foot up the stand up even higher on the seat. You can tell from the picture how excited I am about this. Eventually he'll figure out he can do this on the stairs too, so I need to start spending nap times on Craigslist looking for gates. I think we're also heading to Babies R Us today for some outlet covers & crib rail covers.
Cooper tried plums yesterday (pureed; he's still not big on the finger foods) & loved them!
We also had a family bath. Cooper loved it & we all had a lot of fun.

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