Saturday, June 14, 2008

This is the baby I was telling you about...

We had to leave early for the walk today because it started at 8am so, of course, Cooper slept later than he has in a week & we had to wake him. He woke up in a great mood; I think he was excited to see me & John together because usually one of us sleeps while the other gets up with him.
The walk was great & I'd highly recommend it to anyone considering doing it in the future. The registration fee was $35/person & included a t-shirt & zoo admission & 100% of the money goes to Make A Wish! There were some really touching stories from parents whose children had a wish granted by Make A Wish. Not many animals were out yet during the walk, but we stuck around after to see the elephants, monkeys, zebras, giraffes, & fish.
Several moms & babies from the nursing group I'm part of were there with husbands/dads so it was nice to meet them. One of the moms from our group won a stroller decorating contest & the prize was a BOB stroller which was pretty exciting because they're really nice but super expensive. Two of the moms said this to their husbands:
"(insert husband's name here), this is Cooper, the baby I was telling you about. Isn't he huge?"
I love that Cooper's a big chubby boy, & I thought it was especially funny because he's about 21 or 22 lbs now (at almost 8 months), but he really hasn't gained more than a couple pounds in the past 2 months so he's actually leveling off!

John & Cooper with some of out walking group.

It is Affie the elephant's birthday today, so Cooper got elephant ears to wear!

Cooper checking out a peacock.

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Karen said...

...all that yummy breast milk makes a chubby, happy baby! He's beautiful!